NGO network of Podlaskie, represents the NGOs of Podlaskie. It was initiated by  Non-Governmental Organizations Support Center (OWOP) in Bialystok, as a part of the project "NGO network of Podlaskie", co-financed by the European Union within the European Social Fund.

It was constituted in October 2011. In June 2013 its second term started.

The main objective of the NGO network of Podlaskie is to represent the interests of the sector, to encourage representatives of organizations to rise the quality of work in the local communities, to create space for discussion, mutual learning, exchange of experience and information.

The Network creates an opportunity for:

  • joint applying and effective use of resources of the local government sector and the NGO sector for activating local communities,
  • presenting the interests and opinions of NGOs,
  • smooth flow of information, exchange of experience, joint problem solving, particularily in the field of social consultation system and defining forms of cross-sectoral cooperation
  • cooperation with other regions of the country,
  • analysis and common interpretation of the rules,
  • systematic cooperation and exchange of experience with the Public Benefit Council of Podlaskie Region
  • defining and presenting our common stances.

NGO network of Podlaskie cooperates with Public Benefit Council of Podlaskie Region.

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